456th Enthronement Chapter in Munster

The International Cheese Guild and its Vice-Provost François Schmitlin invite you to the 456th Enthronement Chapter

« Maison du Munster » in Gunsbach Inauguration of the new Demonstration cheese dairy on Saturday 6th 2013

maison_du_fromage laitiere
laitiers cloches


4:00pm Official inauguration of the new demonstration cheese dairy
La Maison du Fromage – 23 Rte de Munster 68140 GUNSBACH.
Visit of the cellars

6:00pm Speech and  » vin d’honneur « .

6:30pm 456th Chapter Enthronement

8:00pm «Marcaire » Alsatian Dinner

Menu: Munster cheese with bacon
Chicken in Riesling with dumplings
Buffet of Alsatian and other Cheeses
« Coupe vosgienne » ( blueberries,raspberries,ice cream and cream)
Served with Alsatian wines

All of the Alsatian vines and beautiful villages can be found within a 20 km radius of our Chapter. There are many possibilities to find accommodation in Munster and in this beautiful valley : www. tourisme-alsace.com

Advice from François Schmitlin : 06 89 58 52 49 – francois.schmitlin@gmail.com
To be visited in the village: The house and museum of Albert Schweitzer www.schweitzer.org
To be discovered during your stay : www.routedufromage-munster.com

Fees: 60.00 € per attendee

By check : Reservation form to be filled and returned before 22th June 2013

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