Guild history

Map of Cavargna Valley surrounds and oratory location

In 1969, Pierre Androuet, founding provost of the Association, did some research in the writings of the canonization, during the XVI century, of a shepherd from Cavargna valley, near Lugano, the Swiss-Italian border, at 1669 m altitude.

It is thanks to this shepherd, named « Lucio, » but also « Uguzo Uguzon » that thermic caseation was discovered, which allowed him to make more cheese than other shepherds and give them to poor and people in need.

It is said that where he passed away there is a spring which has healing virtues for eyes diseases.

The cult of San Lucio-Uguzon attracts at lot of people for his birthday (July, 12th), but the greater solemnity takes place the day of Saint Roch (August, 16th), a popular Italian-Swiss celebration in whole region, under the friendly eyes of Italian customs for which San Lucio becomes a free zone, in honour of the patron Saint of Cheese (caseari in Italian).

To get to the oratory of San Lucio, starting from Lugano, you can go through Dino. It is the shortest path walking but requires a couple of kilometers by the mountain trails.

You can also go to Porlezza, at the limit of one arm of Lake Lugano, then back across the Cavargna valley by San Bartolomeo, San Nazzaro and Cavargna. From this last point you can reach San Lucio by Jeep but it is better to walk (1,500 meters) as do all pilgrims.

If you come from Como, you have to go through Menaggio and take the road to Cavargna valley just before reaching Porlezza.

San Lucio / Saint-Uguzon oratory

Ranks in the Guilde

  • Garde et Juré (guard and judge)
  • Prud’homme (educator)
  • Maître Fromager (cheese master)
  • Ambassadeur (ambassador)
  • Protecteur (protector)
  • Maître Honoris Caseus (honoris caseus master)

Ranks in the Confrérie

  • Compagnon (companion)
  • Compagnon d’honneur (honoris caseus companion)