Local products in the spotlight in Kientzheim

The 443rd Chapter of the Guild gathered at Kientzheim Castle in Alsace the Union des Boulangers Artisans Créateurs (UBAC) and the Grand Conseil Saint-Etienne, around the universal trilogy: cheese, bread and wine.

The evening was an opportunity to (re)discover these products through blind tasting games , with music.

The Union des Boulangers Artisans Créateurs promotes bakery through quality homemade recipes, with new creations, and by rediscovering the forgotten ones, while the Grand Conseil Saint-Etienne mission is to preserve alsacian wines.

The Guild has conducted 18 inductions, and Mr. Barthélemy was inducted Seneschal of honor of the Confrérie Saint-Etienne, before closing the evening with a gourmet dinner.

(from- Le Paysan du Haut-Rhin issue 19)